We are a small local wholesale electronics company. 

Our TVs are so cheap because we sell them at wholesale cost, leaving us little to no profit.

We make small margins when we sell in bulk to retail and remodeling companies. When we have left over pieces, we try to get them out of our warehouse fast by retailing them for the same price- saving you tons of cash. 

Our warehouse is not safe for our customers, so we bring the requested items to our Business Office Location

Retail companies don't have time to check each piece with you at the door, which is why they give you a return policy- in case there is a defect they don't know about. We check each item before you leave, and therefore have no return policy. If it isn't broken out of the box, it isn't going to have any problems in the near future. We just want to curb buyer's remorse and we pass the savings of this policy on to you. 

We have agreements to take back some items (listed as open-boxed) from our wholesale clients and sell these items to you at an ultra low cost after inspecting each item. There is nothing wrong with the items other than what is specified or a few light scratches due to shipping. 

Thanks for buying from TVs Cheap!